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Hand Turned Wooden Dinner Bowl
Hand Turned Wooden Dinner Bowl

Hand Turned Wooden Dinner Bowl


What better backdrop for a summer gazpacho, fresh garden salad spilling over the side, or a warming winter stew then these wooden dinner bowls?

These beautiful hand turned bowls are made from British wood from the Bertioli's Leicestershire farm. 

Each is a solid piece of wood with individual characteristics and hues, and due to the hand made nature, each is completely unique.  

Please note:

These pieces are NOT dishwasher safe. After use they should be wiped clean with damp cloth.

All our wood products have been treated with the wood preservative and then sealed with Osmo food safe oil; giving a clear, matte finish.

In time they will need re-oiling, this will keep them sealed. Please use food safe finishing oil such as Osmo, Liberon or olive oil etc. To do so, apply a thin layer all over with a lint free cloth.