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Rosa Rugosa Linen Table Runner

Rosa Rugosa Linen Table Runner


Present in paintings, poetry and stories for centuries, roses have an immense history. Their decorative cultivation began in China some 5000 years ago, and since we have seen a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sizes and uses from medicinal to celebratory, confetti and perfumes.

The gorgeous Rosa Rugosa is native to Eastern Asia, blooming from Japan and China, to the sand dunes of Siberia. Being wonderfully fragrant and floriferous, it is loved by bees and gardeners alike, and is a firm favourite in English gardens. Rosa Rugosa is a hardy rose, flowering throughout the summer and into autumn and bearing abundant edible hips that resemble cherry tomatoes.

Hand painted by our Founder and Creative Director, Caryn Hibbert, all of our original prints depict the flora and fauna that inhabit Thyme’s garden, farm and wild spaces. The prints are then repeated by her husband, Jerry, before being scaled by our expert team in Lithuania onto beautiful, washed European linen. 

Our runner/double placemats are 160cm x 47cm in 100% washed European linen. They are the same width as our table cloths to either be styled on top of the table cloths or on their own. They could also be used as a table runner.

40 degree wash, no steam, do not bleach.