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Natural Fragrance Bag - Lavender
Natural Fragrance Bag - Lavender

Natural Fragrance Bag - Lavender


These bags are filled with a blend of natural fragrances including sustainably-sourced French lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus. This creates a wonderful fragrance, and is also a natural moth deterrent. 

Place these perfect little bags in your cupboards and drawers, especially near anything made from animal fibres, including wool, silk, cashmere, feathers and even leather. They are a brilliant, chemical-free way to keep away the moths, trust us: we use them ourselves! 

For best results, change every 3 months, and crush the flowers regularly to release more fragrance.

  • Made in Britain
  • Sustainably-sourced natural ingredients
  • 100% cotton bags
  • Absolutely nothing artificial at all